Thursday, September 2, 2010

Act Like You're Teaching to Avoid Sloppy Work

This short tip on Lifehacker is worth a read. Seems pretty obvious, but it never really occurred to me before. I'm not a fan of pair programming, but I can see how this aspect can be a significant quality improvement.

Do stuff more efficiently and make fewer mistakes by acting like you are teaching someone how to do it. For example, if I'm painting my living room, I imagine I'm showing someone else the right and wrong things to: preventing drips and bubbles, how to prepare the room, etc. This helps me to be less sloppy when I'm doing things because when you teach someone how to do something you want them to do it right (and you tend to move a bit slower). If you pretend, in your mind, that you're teaching someone then you, too, will be more likely to do it right and make fewer mistakes.

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